Can Your Business Benefit from a Brand Ambassador Program


Can Your Business Benefit from a Brand Ambassador Program

People love brands. Besides having a quality and continuity that keep them in the market, well-established companies provide some security to their customers. Also, in a way, a branded product or service brings a certain prestige. But these benefits are sometimes not enough and companies need more. In this article, we talked about how your business can benefit from brand ambassador program.

Branded ambassadors

Branded ambassadors are someone who supports a brand and promotes it among customers and others in marketing. It is mainly done through social media such as Instagram. They provide their information to users in real time and also promote their products and services via sponsored messages. Most of your company’s audience will be interested in what your brand does and why they like it so much. A good example from my work is @Nike. We have several Nike influencers on our page and they always share things and ideas that I think are important to anyone running a brand or looking into becoming one. At least a few times during every week we put out posts with a particular topic such as “Walking With Us”. If you want to become one of us just click here!

There are many reasons for promoting your products on social media. Maybe your business offers something unique? Or maybe you have a great idea but have no idea where to start it? Or maybe you just need support or even recommendations as well.

Let’s take an example of Facebook. You already know your audiences from the pages they follow, it’s easy to find someone to talk to for your advertisement. Social media gives access to people with whom your audience should follow.

Here are some examples of our recent ads:


This ad is showing the importance of walking with us. And it’s by @Nike.

Instagram video for Nike WALKING WITH US 📸

The above video is by our team member Ali Shahzad. He has a nice personality so he attracts all different ages. But that makes his content better. He gives a very informative and entertaining presentation, so it would definitely help your followers. The same goes for YouTube. You might be thinking what about Google ad? But when we were researching about advertising our videos to Youtube, nothing came up. To make sure we get as many views as possible for our videos, we try searching for keywords like #NikeWalkingWithUs or #Nike. And if there is nobody showing those kinds of videos it’ll show that they might not be able to attract the right audience for our website. So to avoid that kind of problem, you need to be careful about what type of content you put out and how you create. And the most important thing is that you use the right hashtags. Don’t forget about Twitter and Reddit when creating your account and remember to engage with it. By following the accounts of top creators and sharing their stories your followers will help to grow your community quickly and will also feel like a part of the family.

Can Your Business Benefit from a Brand Ambassador Program


Social media is the best place to grow your presence because it reaches millions people in a short period of time. So to increase your awareness about your company, you can join any event by your fans. Just don’t forget about giving your followers a chance to enjoy the story of your brand. Because there are people out there who want to purchase your product as soon as possible. If you want to stay ahead, look into other channels like youtube as well, Youtube has created a dedicated channel for each company. And they will be happy telling their experiences to their friends and followers. So for now go with Youtube or any other social media platform if you want to grow fast.

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