How to Check IBAN of JazzCash And EasyPaisa


How to Check IBAN of JazzCash And EasyPaisa

Here are the steps to check the IBAN Number of JazzCash & EasyPaisa accounts for free. Just in few seconds you can check your mobile account IBAN.

The majority of Pakistani families rely on money that is sent to them from other countries by their loved ones. Pakistan is one of those countries where people usually travel abroad to earn money.

In order to facilitate the receiving of money from abroad, two well-known apps (JazzCash & EasyPaisa) launched by top telecom networks have unveiled their IBAN numbers.

IBAN Number: What is it?

We all have a bank account and a specific account number which is valid only on a national level (one country only) while the bank alternates your "bank account number" with an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) for international transactions.

This IBAN (International Bank Account Number) makes your account valid in other countries for receiving and sending money (funds) to all countries of the world. Today, we will discuss the IBAN of JazzCash & EasyPaisa.

JazzCash & EasyPaisa IBAN numbers

Despite the fact that Jazz Cash & Easy Paisa are both funds transfer applications, you may be surprised to learn that they also support International Bank Account Numbers for foreign funds transfers to Pakistan.

Below is a step-by-step procedure to "Check IBAN Number of JazzCash & EasyPaisa" describing both apps' IBAN numbers.

IBAN number for JazzCash

To send or receive funds from other countries to Pakistan, freelancers and other users can use Payoneer directly with their Jazz Cash account via the following steps:

1. Jazz Cash App login

2. Payoneer can be selected via the JazzCash app

3. By using the Jazz Cash App, you can register with Payoneer

4. Create a Payoneer account by signing up

5. Please provide your contact information first

6. Please provide your account security information

7. The app will automatically generate your account information.

8. Wait for a confirmation SMS to confirm

9. Jazz Cash has been connected to your Payoneer account

10. The Jazz Cash App will automatically generate the IBAN number for you

11. Therefore, Jazz Cash's IBAN number is PK29JAZZ0000000000000001

The Jazz Cash International Bank Account Number is 100% accurate. Other SIM users can call 021-111-124-444 for additional details.

IBAN number for EasyPaisa

To check the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) of your EasyPaisa account, simply create your EasyPaisa app and follow these steps.

Install Easy Paisa

Click on "My Account" now

Click on "Account Information" next

On the top tab, you'll find your IBAN number

For international transactions, use this IBAN number

You can get assistance from Easy Paisa officials by calling on the helpline. Additionally, Telenor users should call 3737 & other SIM users should call 042-111-003-737.

The importance of international bank account numbers

In order to access funds transactions globally, you must have an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) which is generated locally by bank officials or app officials.

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